Crafting tomorrow by giving your startup solution a new home.
Hey! It’s us, OBI.
We build meaningful partnerships instead of playing innovation theatre.
  • Our focus.

    We work with startups that offer truly innovative, customer- centric products. From must-haves for home & garden to solving concrete challenges along our value chain.

  • Our promise.

    Together, we aim to create unique win-win partnerships that last. You benefit from direct market feedback and we are excited to pilot and integrate your solution.

  • our scope.

    We are a global player - without geographical restrictions! We only require you to have initial funding and a market- ready product or working prototype.

Our Search Fields
We are looking for you!
Because you develop groundbreaking startup solutions that solve our urgent challenges.


Seamless omnichannel experience, intelligent pricing solutions and smart stores.

Home Improvement

Breakthrough products that become must-haves in every home.


Innovative gardening products that green enthusiasts will love.


Smart packaging and smart material as well as intelligent manufacturing software for demand optimization.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Predictive procurement, data-driven warehousing and robotics.


Let’s make the world greener: Zero waste, eco-products, green supply, green buildings and eco-enabling solutions.


Digital do-it-yourself enabling for the customers of tomorrow.

Connected Commerce

Last-mile delivery, smart inventory management and traceability software.

Customer Engagement

Guided selling technology, customer intelligence and analytics.

Your solution doesn't fit the search fields? No problem - maybe you offer something that we haven't thought of yet! We’d love to hear from you.
Our Values
We empower partnerships and create new opportunities.
To push limits together.
Collaborate at eye level

We take you seriously. Meaning: We don’t ask for any exclusivity or IP-sharing - you maintain your full sovereignty. Your solution will remain yours!

Push your solution to the next level

We operate at high speed and test your solution in realistic scenarios. And then, it’s time to scale! We believe in you and pave your way within our global OBI network.

Gain valuable knowledge

Our venturing team connects you to a network of OBI experts with valuable expertise in your field. Be it in retail, logistics or sales: We provide you with the expert insights that you need!

Profit from our brand power

We make you visible. With almost 700 stores all over Europe, millions of visitors per year, thousands of app downloads and a giant marketing reach, we help you boost your visibility. Because #everything_is_doable.

This is us.
Your team of equals.
We are your leading client, empowering your business and creating partnerships that last.
Phil Jenke - Venture Lead
We are the early adopters of your technology. We are here to partner, learn and grow together.
Edda Becker - Senior Venture Associate