We are pioneers, founders, investors and diy lovers.


We pioneer new ways of minimizing time-cost per innovation cycle to increase probability of success.

As the new unit of OBI next, our aim is to create steady innovation.
We explore strategic searchfields based on new trends that look far beyond our current business model to find new opportunities.

We establish an innovation architecture that accelerates the building and validation of business ventures as well as to innovate our existing service landscape by collaborating with a network of globally operating startups - ALLES MACHBAR


This is our focus.
Validate, Build & Grow solutions.

The venture building squad

Idea Exploration & Validation

We explore, validate and build new business ideas with a strong prototype approach to create our ventures of the future.

Rethink our core business

We scale impact-driven innovations through partnership and Venture Capital in order to strengthen and extend our core business.

The venture client squad

The venture growth squad

DIY Growth Catalyst

We leverage our corporate assets to rapidly scale and grow new businesses models into vertical leaders.


We keep an open mind

We tackle our comfort-zone, go beyond status-quo, stay curious and force yourself to look at the problem from new angles.


We make things not slides

We don't dwell on pouring our ideas into presentations but build small rapid prototypes. Never a meeting without a prototype.


We act small to learn fast

We start with understanding the problem to unpack complexity and then build rapid prototypes to focus on testing our most critical assumptions.


We embrace failure and learn from it

Every Failure is a learning and brings us closer to future success. The more experiments we run the more chances to succeed.


We act and decide value-driven

We unpack complexity and build small rapid prototypes to focus on testing MVP‘s most critical assumptions.


We are not the user

To prevent us from taking our own experience as a set reality, we continuedly interview our users and let them tests our prototypes.


We win and lose together

Our team brings with it a wide range of skills. We support and challenge each other.

  • Dennis Hornung

    Head of SQUARED

    I am passionately working on the idea of rethinking value creation with the motto „SET UP SMALL EXPERIMENTS AND GET THINGS DONE

  • Kai Töpel

    Lead Venture Building

    For me innovation means having empathy for others, designing meaningful solutions and creating value for everyone involved.

  • Phil Jenke

    Lead Venture

    Empowering startups with a great partner at hand

  • From getting prototypes live fast to juggling business case numbers - pragmatism gets you to results faster than methodological excellence.

    Felicitas Jordan

    Venture Architect

  • Dominik Flegel

    Sr. Service Designer

    Create Products & Services that people truly need (&love).

  • Clemens Lermen

    Sr. Prototyper

    The tech guy

  • Alina Engel

    Venture Architect

    As a people-person and opportunity spotter, I’m boosting synergy creation across teams and topics.

  • Charlotte Benninghoven

    Growth Hacker / Marketer

    You don’t need 100.000€ to early test and accelerate your MVP - just use smart marketing campaigns to validate your assumptions

  • Edda Becker

    Senior Venture Associate

    Making startups shake up retail & DIY business – without playing corporate innovation theatre!

  • Jana Krön

    Service Designer

    Let's do everything we can to understand the overwhelming amount of noise clouding customers' lives and provide them with a customer experience that satisfies their underlying need.

  • Jasmin Peters

    Sr. Product Designerin

    Get the best out of a product and make it more understandable by making the design and usability on point.

  • Maike Pavenstedt

    Sr. Service Designer

    Let’s explore trends & discover user’s hidden pain points underneath “faster horses” feedback to co create valuable solutions.

  • Rethinking business in trends, making ideas a reality and empowering people is a total vibe.

    Roman Grochol

    Venture Architect

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That's us in numbers

Validated signals


the venture building squad
the venture building squad

Ventures prototyped


Working people


the venture building squad

Our current ventures


    Based on the urban jungle trend we iterate business opportunities for a plants ecosystem.

  • ReDrop

    We validate the demand for a sustainable D2C brand 
for home renovation and beautification.

  • Hybrid Life

    In our Incubate program #02, we address the challenges posed by the increasing intermingling of life and work spheres.

  • Urbanisation

    One topic that is of lasting concern to us is the future trend of urbanization and its impact on our daily lives, but also on the way people deal with DIY.

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