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Development of a direct-to-consumer brand in the field of sustainable renovation to tap new customer segments for OBI.


Based on the increasing demand for sustainable DIY products from a very relevant and aware target group for OBI, we created a direct-to-consumer brand with a focus on sustainable renovation through our Squared-Incubate program within 6 months. Starting with a portfolio of natural wall paint in trend colors, were able to build on OBI's strong infrastructure and thus establish and operate the webshop, logistics and sales under our own steam.

So what?

500+ new customers

By testing a variety of channels, offline as well as online, we were able to attract new customers for OBI who had already returned several times during the test phase.

1250 Follower on instagram

D2C means trust! 54% of Gen Z consumers prefer to buy directly from brands because they believe they understand their needs better. Building a trusted brand within a short period of time is a big challenge and requires a lot of skills and resources.

Scalable product portfolio

Our growth experiments showed that there are a number of other sustainable use cases besides wall paint that meet the needs of our target group and seem promising in the context of a product portfolio expansion.

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